Flexing My Muscles

Once, long ago, I set up a new blog to serve as my own little place in the interwebs.  My own safe place, where I could write anything I wanted, with no restrictions, just because.  I was so excited about it.  And then, I did nothing with it.  For TWO YEARS, it festered alone.

In those two years, my first blog grew.  I developed health problems but worked around them.  I wrote for other people’s blogs.  Then, I lost my day job along with the rest of the country.   I’ve been unemployed for a year now.  For part of this past year, this blog kept nagging me in the back of my mind.  I needed to get it going, in some fashion.  So here I am, trying my best to write.

My hope is to find some happiness and financial income as a freelance writer.  This is proving difficult in a few areas.  First, I need to write something other than entertainment.  There are plenty of entertainment writers out there and not enough sites willing to pay.  If I were to build a portfolio with more diversity, then I have a shot of getting some assignments in multiple areas.

Admittedly, writing has always been a little difficult for me.  I feel that I lack the stamina to fully flesh out an idea.  If I even want to make it as a paid writer, I need to be concise but not rushed.  Hopefully, this will carry over into my fiction writing as well.  (That is a whole other story for a whole other day.)

Finally, I need to bone up more on my social media skill sets.  To write well for the web, I need to infuse my writing with SEO keywords.  This area is the easiest to tackle, since classes are abound to teach these skills.  I have no worries about learning this.  I am more eager to develop my editing skills, which I use currently for writers on [IGH].

So, my path is laid out before me.  Like so many of my generation, we have to make our way through this economy as entrepreneurs rather than employees.  I hope that I have the discipline to thrive in this world.

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