Flexing My Muscles

Once, long ago, I set up a new blog to serve as my own little place in the interwebs.  My own safe place, where I could write anything I wanted, with no restrictions, just because.  I was so excited about it.  And then, I did nothing with it.  For TWO YEARS, it festered alone.

In those two years, my first blog grew.  I developed health problems but worked around them.  I wrote for other people’s blogs.  Then, I lost my day job along with the rest of the country.   I’ve been unemployed for a year now.  For part of this past year, this blog kept nagging me in the back of my mind.  I needed to get it going, in some fashion.  So here I am, trying my best to write.

My hope is to find some happiness and financial income as a freelance writer.  This is proving difficult in a few areas.  First, I need to write something other than entertainment.  There are plenty of entertainment writers out there and not enough sites willing to pay.  If I were to build a portfolio with more diversity, then I have a shot of getting some assignments in multiple areas.

Admittedly, writing has always been a little difficult for me.  I feel that I lack the stamina to fully flesh out an idea.  If I even want to make it as a paid writer, I need to be concise but not rushed.  Hopefully, this will carry over into my fiction writing as well.  (That is a whole other story for a whole other day.)

Finally, I need to bone up more on my social media skill sets.  To write well for the web, I need to infuse my writing with SEO keywords.  This area is the easiest to tackle, since classes are abound to teach these skills.  I have no worries about learning this.  I am more eager to develop my editing skills, which I use currently for writers on [IGH].

So, my path is laid out before me.  Like so many of my generation, we have to make our way through this economy as entrepreneurs rather than employees.  I hope that I have the discipline to thrive in this world.

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Although I should say, welcome random person who stumbled upon my empty blog.

What you have found will be filled with untold riches of knowledge very soon….but right now, it is bleak and desolate. However, I promise to fill this void with words very soon. Until then, please go visit my other site, [insertgeekhere], where I don the name wilderowens.

See you soon!


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